AroRT is an immersive graphics and trackless virtual studio solution. It is the ultimate real-time component-based compositor enabling real-time visual effects, featuring video I/O, keying, compositing, and rendering in one single software in real-time. AroRT provides its client the tools to create the most immersive content possible and revolutionize story-telling.


AroRT – XR

AroRT XR is an advanced version of AroRT (Trackless) virtual studio. It supports tracking hardwares, mechanical, optical and computer vision based. AroRT XR supports Free-D protocol to encorporate any tracking solution with lens encoding. In built lens profiles and lens calibration tools help to get ready with tracking mechanisms in no time. Supports FOV and DOF calibrations.


Kroma Plus

KromaPlus is an Industry standard Multichannel Chroma keyer with different modes to Key and fine-tunes details. The only product in the market with multichannel individual chroma keyer and their respective individual outputs. KromaPlus is the best Multichannel chroma keying product in the price tag it offers.



AroMix is one of the most essential product in any news channel. It can be mainly used for live debates and discussion programs.

AroMix is a real-time multi-window PIP application. Users can create up to 14 PIP windows and chroma keys for 8 of them. Users can also switch between real and chroma background windows. AroMix is also a Software-based switcher with standard transitions. Users can switch between all the inputs like hardware switcher and apply standard transitions. AroMix has DSK input to integrate any online CG. You can take the key and fill input and overlay any online CG.